FiberPro LLC


Josh Krauss – Founder

    • 23 years & 150+ woodyard systems designed.
    • Safety & reliability have become top priorities as the log trimmer system is now refined as Generation 6
    • Bucking systems from 40M -> 450M annual mill board feet production range.
    • Drum debarking systems from 400,000 -> 2,600,000 tons annual production range
    • Finding the best solution is what we do.


About Us

We specialize in:

      • Log Bucking/Merchandiser Systems
      • Drum Debarking/Roundwood Handling Systems
      • Log Cranes
      • Log Conveyors
      • Log/Stem Singulation Systems
      • Processed Fiber Material Handling

    Our engineering team brings 50+ years of experience designing log and lumber handling equipment

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    Log Bucking Merchandiser / Gen 6 Log Trimmer System

        • Extra safety systems engineered into new design
        • Redesign of linear precision guideway for even greater durability
        • Modular design for future growth
        • Bolted arms for easy maintenance/handling
        • 18″∅ HD plastic bearings for ultimate durability
        • High speed cycle times
        • Multi-cut design allows more flexibility
        • 2″-36″ log diameter range
        • 16′-75′ stem length processing range

    Drum Debarker/Roundwood Handling Systems

        • Bent lifters or segmented bar lifters to reduce fiber loss & increase recovery
        • Compatibility with various chippers
        • Shell replacement for existing debarkers
        • Drum debarker system production rates range from  50 TPH – 600 TPH
        • Rubber tire or steel wheel supported systems

    Log Cranes

        • Expertise in radial log cranes ranging from standard space frame structure designs up to class F pulp & paper heavy duty structures
        • 125′ / 155′ / 175′ / 180′ radius sizes to fit various storage requirements
        • 20T or 45T lift capacities

    Log/Stem Singulation Systems

        • Clockwork style log & stem feeders
        • Step style log feeders
        • Rotary & Quad plated pocket feeders